This Tuesday's Lookin' Forward!

For Wednesday, Jon's a-lookin' forward to

(From my regular pull-list...)

"the Amazing Spider-Man" #602
The second part of the return of Mary Jane to the world of Spider-Man! I'm two (soon to be three) issues behind on this title because #600 is 104-freakin' pages long!

(...and the take-a-peek selection.)

"Atomika" #10
This series is still coming out!? Sweet. Gods of Russian mythology clashing with a deified manifestation of the state during the Cold War. Sweet. A year in between issues? Not so sweet.

"Blackest Night" #2
I read Clare's copy of #1 and was very, very blown away until the last three pages or so. They left me with that particular sour taste of "Huh? Where did the character work go?" We shall see if Geoff Johns can tempt me back to his cosmic-superhero-horror epic.

"Blackest Night: Batman" #1
Well... seeing the "Flying Graysons" back from the dead is NOT something I want to see, but Tomasi is a pretty fantastic writer. Another maybe.

"Captain America: Theater of War: To Soldier On"
The first one of this series looked very cool and Paul Jenkins is an excellent writer. And Josh put it on his pull-list, so I'm curious.

"The Marvels Project" #1
I don't think I'll be able to stop myself from reading this one. Really. Can anybody?

"The Unwritten" #4
I have been trying to get a hold of #1, because this story sounds amazing! Will I break and buy #4 without reading #1-3? You'll have to read in a few days to find out!

"Red Herring" #1 of 6
Intriguing, no?

That's a wrap! 'Til tomorrow that is!

1 comment:

  1. Gosh looking BACKWARD that was an exciting looking week that turned out to be a wash.

    I didn't buy the "Blackest Night" books because they just seemed okay.

    I didn't buy the "Captain America: Theater of War" book because it looked maudlin.

    I didn't buy "The Marvels Project" 'cause it looked boring. (Mind you it might turn out to be something that reads fantastically in a collected trade-paperback.)

    And I didn't buy "Red Herring" because it looked stupid. Too much silly, not enough interesting.

    So I just bought my requisite Spidey and "Atomika", which was awesome.