Weekly Process Roundup 2/4/11

The weekly process roundup is a collection of sketches, pencils, inks, thumbnails, everything other than finished product, from The Long and Shortbox of It's favorite artists and illustrators, hitting every Friday.


Good news!

Jeff Parker and Erika Moen are doing a comic together. On the internet!

That's right, Jeff Parker, who wrote the sadly departed Agents of Atlas and is currently doing a killer job on Hulk and Erika Moen who taught me an important lesson last April and wrote the sadly departed webcomic DAR! have come together to make a webcomic of recent vintage (it debuted this morning) called Bucko.

Any time a new webcomic catches my eye it's good news. This one, with two incredible creators coming together, looks like it could be great. I, for one, could hardly be more excited.