I'm Already Tired of Tuesday

Books to Purchase

Incredible Hercules #132
-Everybody, and I mean everybody, seems to be in love with this series co-written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente. The few issues I've read so far didn't seem to hold up very well, but the concept of Hercules impersonating Thor at the $2.99 price point makes me want to give this series another shot.

The Marvels Project #1
-Brubaker and Epting writing an espionage story set in the Golden Age about the beginnings of the Marvel Universe? Sold.

Uncanny X-Men #514
-This is an anniversary issue, of a sort: the first comic I ever bought was Uncanny #414 (which, by the way, I remember loving, and actually holds up better than most of Austen's X-run, I think). That isn't, however, why I'm buying it. I'm buying it because I like the X-Men, and I'm not going to make excuses for that. If I'm buying comics, I'm always going to be buying this book, no matter how bad it is. With that said, I really am enjoying the Fraction's run on the title, and the Utopia arc in particular. I'm excited about where this is going from here.

Wednesday Comics #6
-Who isn't buying this title?

Fables #87
-You have no idea how glad I am that the GREAT FABLES CROSSOVER is over with. It was painful. This issue: Flying Monkeys! Beautiful Covers (Seriously, I don't know who this new cover artist is, but I like this almost as much as I like James Jean, although that maybe because it looks like something James Jean would have done)! Mark Buckingham pencils! Did I mention Flying Monkeys?

DMZ #44
-I like the idea of DMZ on the whole, and I like the direction this arc is headed.

B.P.R.D 1947 #2
-I'm just going to say this flat out: Anything that Moon and/or Ba are illustrating I'm going to buy. Anything that Mike Mignola has a hand in, I'm going to buy. Which isn't to say that I'll buy this title twice- just that I'll think about it.

Books to Flip-Through
Captain America: Theater of War: To Soldier On
-Captain America is, for many reasons it doesn't really pay to go into here, my favorite character in all of comics. If it's got his name on it, I'm certainly going to be taking a look.

Dominic Fortune #1
-I love the way Howard Chaykin writes. I hate the way he draws. Thus, we have ourselves an issue worth flipping through.

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  1. I'm not buying "Wednesday Comics"! Of course, that's just because I find newspaper-size comics ungainly and I haven't really read #1.