Every Wednesday Will Be Independents Day!

Hi there!

Jon Gorga here, intrepid crazy writer of prose and comics and recent graduate of Bard College. Guess what? I also work in a comic-store and I also love comics!

Do you read comics? Like your funnybooks? Enjoy a fine graphic novel now and again? Do you go to the trouble of tracking down mini-comics? Comix? Manga? Manhua? Manhwa? Bande dessinee?

Have I lost you? Well, hold on. Because I love comics of all genres and sizes and nationalities and I want nothing more than to share that love with you! I love the medium, the craft, the form, and the function of comics. I love reading and making sequential art!

But worry not! I am neither some high-brow sweater vest-wearing academic here to shit all over your fun, nor a tight pants-wearing chain-smoking hipster who only reads comics that make fun of you. I will be reviewing plenty of straight-forward fun comedy titles. And I'll be fighting both Clare and Josh for the right to review any damn issues of "The Amazing Spider-Man" they'll let me! I grew up on Spider-Man and the Ninja Turtles, and I feel absolutely no embarrassment when I saw that when they are done well I still enjoy them today. (My old personal blog at Gorga'sThoughts.blogspot.com, especially this post about my experiences at the MoCCA Fest should give you a fine idea of what kind of stuff you can expect from me.)

I will be sharing my thoughts on all comics-related things most especially my weekly load of new large-publisher imprint, small-publisher, underground, and international comics with you here at THE LONG AND SHORTBOX OF IT! My first pull-list will be up shortly.

Now, if you haven't figured it out from the hints all three of us have dropped, none of us will be exclusively reviewing any type of comic or specific title. Some weeks you might find a review of a comic from any of us that doesn't fit into the categories we've given ourselves. Honestly, that's just because all three of us know that we could never sit happily in any one of these categories. You're going to get a lot of honest opinion and perspective on this blog. I think that's a good thing.

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