A Gal in the DC Nation

Sup, True Believers?

I'm Clare Nolan: Bard College sophomore, comic store cashier, comic writer, and the girl that shocks people by actually knowing what gives Superman his powers (yellow solar energy, duh). In all seriousness, despite the fact that there is a growing amount of women in the industry, it is often shocking to people that women do indeed read comics. Even when women are pegged as comic book readers, they are mostly seen as just reading Archie comics or instead reading Sandman, Fables, or other DC Vertigo titles. Don't get me wrong, Sandman and Fables are huge favorites of mine but I have one true love when it comes to comics: I love superheroes.

Men in capes, girls in tights, vice versa. I love it all. It's what I want to spend my life writing. There are just so many challenging ways to approach what makes a hero a hero, what makes a villain a villain, and how to reinvent the genre so that it's not boring. It's a stereotype that superhero comics are two dimensional and childish. You know what? Bullshit. Superhero comics are the perfect medium for exploring all sorts of complicated issues. On top of that, it is a way to tell fantastic stories that give people a much needed dose of wonder in their lives. In a world where reality can come crashing down so hard on our heads that's much more powerful and important then people realize. Superheroes are important to me and there's a special place in my heart for the DC Universe. Maybe it's the fact that I grew up with Batman The Animated Series and Justice League, maybe it's the fact that there are so many strong female characters, maybe it's the fact that my dad was always a DC guy. For me, DC comics are special. They're fun and mystical and I can always enjoy the fact that my good guys are good and that my bad guys are oh, so bad.

So for the most part, you'll see me reviewing DC books however, don't you think for a second that I don't love Marvel books as well! Out of all of the people on this blog I get the most weekly books and I love being up on what's going on in each universe. In my posts you'll see a lot of comparison between the two companies, how they're doing, and how they're effecting each other.

I think that's a good place to start for me! And to rip off one of my favorite books "Tiny Titans"-- aw yeah blog post!

See you Tuesday with my pull list.


  1. Hey Clare!
    Being the solo-female perspective of the blog and indeed one of the rare ones of the comic book world (along with myself, of course) I was wondering if you'd read any of The Boys or its spin-off Herogasm. I dont want to get my panties in a twist about it and play the feminist card but I am damn close. What about you?
    Your New Avid Reader,

  2. Hey Carley!

    Glad you're enjoying the blog. I have actually read The Boys (I own vol. 1-3, and I'm planning on picking up vol 4) as well as the first three issues of Herogasm. Now The Boys is tricky because it's not just offensive to women, it's offensive to everyone. It's offensive to the superhero genre itself and the idea that superheroes are good people. Honestly, that's why it's fun. It's the most disgusting, dirty-pleasure satire there is and that's what I, and many other people love about it. Is it hard to stomach? Oh yeah, big time. There's no way I could read all four volumes in one go without feeling slightly sick to my stomach. It's just something that reading too much of leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

    So when I read it what do I do? I try to put all of my sensitivities away and just enjoy a raunchy, good satire. If you get offended easily The Boys is certainly not for you. It pokes fun at the stereotypes of superheroes (costumes, lack of picking up after the battle, headquarters) while mixing it with the flip side of the "good guy" coin. Top all of that off with a dollop corporate and government corruption and you have The Boys.

    So my advice? Don't treat The Boys as anti-feminist, they're just pointing out the weird ways women can be treated in comics while turning the whole genre on its head.

  3. I can see where you're coming from on that, it's always nice to have a different perspective. I'm not too easily offended, I've really only flipped through it at the store after hearing a not so nice review. I'll probably avoid the title just because I don't really have the cash to spend on anything superfluous (aka anything not Batman at the moment, sad I know) I was just wondering what you thought. And now I know! So thanks! I'm almost glad to hear you take it all in good fun, I only occasionally slap down my laminated feminist card (yes, we've got cards, although I haven't upgraded to plastic yet, probably never will, I quite like my bras, I don't want to burn them).