Heart of Ice

Yesterday, we got our first glimpse of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's first post League of Extraordinary Gentleman: Century collaboration, which stars Captain Nemo's daughter, Janni. You can read the full synopsis on the Gosh Comics site.

This project, which must be set between the first and second Century volumes, is in particular interesting because both its length and its solicitation text seem to suggest that it is going to be much simpler than that recently concluded arc, which was so thick with reference and allusion that it often seemed a parody of Moore's original project. Here, we get a short work, only 48 pages, and only two explicit references to the tradition in literature in English, Poe and Lovecraft, Americans both (no matter how much H.P wished he'd been born across the pond). Invoking those two suggests that Heart of Ice is going to dark and horrifying as well as lithe, a prospect that has my pulse up, if only a little. Of course, the quality of the project is going to be directly related to whether Moore can control impulses towards excess-- if he can, this may very well be the best League adventure since the band got back together.