Comics Love Clare, but Her Wallet Doesn't.

I'm pretty convinced that somewhere it the offices of Marvel and DC there is a group of men who sit around a round table, smoking cigars, in a dark shady room. In this room they deviously plot just what week of the month will be the one to empty out my wallet. Oh and you can be damn well sure that they're wearing black suits and sun glasses despite the lack of light. At least my one consolation is that while they're plotting my monetary downfall that they're all ruining their eyesight. HA! Take that group of evil men! How will you be able to make me poor when you can't read?

Damn, I just realized that they probably have lackies that will read things to them. Oh well, I'll get them someday.

But really, am I the only one who has this problem? Many of the books I'm getting are books that everyone and their mother will be getting (Blackest Night, Marvels Project, Adventure Comics) but also books like Booster Gold and Green Arrow/Black Canary are coming out, books that should have a much stronger following then they already do. Sheesh! It's like the week was custom made for me. Screw money, I wants me some:

Both Rucka and Robinson really know how to write a Superman story even without Superman! Nightwing and Flamebird have been fascinating characters. It's also really refreshing to see that the introduction of Chris into the DC Universe has made a lasting impact.

Geoff Johns writes Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes, both things he is a master of. I was so glad that Superbody came back and now he gets his own book? Yeah! He's been sorely missed in the DCU.

I'm thrilled to see MJ back in the Spidey books as she was always my favorite Spider-Man character. Also, Van Lente is great.

I've been shocked by how good Winick's Batman has been. He's really handled Dick and Alfred's grief fantastically, which is something Morrison has honestly skipped over. Plus, Bagley pencils? Uh. Yes please.

Blackest Night #1 was the best book of the summer. I've got high, high expectations for this one. Johns is the king of the DCU. I'm really expecting this book to wow me. Look for a review of this.

Peter J. Tomasi does not nearly enough credit for how good he is. His Nightwing run was fantastic, his Green Lantern Corps run has been astounding, and now he's dealing with the Black Lantern Flying Graysons. I am really excited for this book.

Another under-appreciated book. Jurgens has picked up well from where Johns left off and I think this title will be more important than everyone thinks. I'm still expecting Booster to go back in time and save Bats.

I love Deadpool. 'Nuff said.

Black Canary is my favorite character and at first I thought Kreisberg was handling the character terribly. Also, I was frustrated when this book was announced as a "Second Feature" title because I thought Canary was just going to be second string. However, the first "SF" book had Canary as the major story and was good, so it looks like this book is going to switch between focusing on Green Arrow and Black Canary. So, this is a GA book which is cool. Also? Bill Sienkiewicz art!

Love, love love this book. Love, love, love Blackest Night.

They had me at Brubaker/Epting. Also, I've already flipped through this book... Marvel shipped it last week even though we can't sell it till Tuesday. It looks great!

I'm still not sure how I feel about this book yet. It seems good so far so I'll stick with it for at least another issue.

New author and a focus on Starfire, who has always been one of my favorite Titans! Aw yeah Titans! (oh wait, wrong book.)

I've been loving Fraction's Utopia storyline. Plus, what a dream team! Fraction and The Dodsons!

and to wrap it all up?

Ahhh, it's going to be a good, good week. See you on Wednesday, guys! I'll be talking about Blackest Night and Adventure Comics for sure as well as a book not all of you may be reading.

Now, transport me off this rock.


  1. Have you ever heard of Blair Butler? She has a podcast through G4 called Fresh Ink. She really seems to love the Red Robin title. I haven't read it myself, I'm too busy reading Batman and Robin and Gotham City Sirens (although, I should be reading Detective and Batman, too, but like you my wallet is completely restricting my reading ability.) Also, do you think Batman: Streets of Gotham is worth it? (I hate seeming like a Bat-only reader, but I am what I am... alas)

  2. In my opinion Streets of Gotham is the best Bats title at the moment. If you're going to add one more Bat-book to your list then make it Street of Gotham.

    Paul Dini + Dustin Nguyen = Amazingness. And it actually always makes sense, which is something that you don't always get with Morrison.

  3. Oooh, Im'a have to disagree with you here, Clare: Batman and Robin is a work of genius. It's Morrison at his simplest, focused best, and Quitely's art is far less brooding the Nguyen's.