Missed It!

I'm no good at year-end best-of lists. Writing them, I think, requires a certain amount of self-confidence, requires the ability to say "I read a large enough number of comics this year that I feel I can make an evaluation on the state of the art for the past twelve months" while keeping a straight face. Somewhere in the middle of that I always crack up a little bit; I just don't think I have. Maybe, one day, if I'm lucky, if reading comics is my job. For now, though, it's an exercise I would rather leave to others, confident in my own belief that I read just enough comics this year, even though next year I would like to read more.

Now there's an idea! Reading more. A perpetual new year's resolution, something I intend to do every year, something that I never quite get to. I think it will help, though, if I have a place to start and, so, here's a different kind of year end list, one that I'm perfectly qualified to write. Here's a list of comics, published in 2013, that I would like to get to sometime in 2014. Some, like Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky's Sex Criminals, I've bought faithfully and just haven't read yet. Others, I intended to read put off for some reason, time, expense, whatever. More still, I saw, thought they looked interesting, and moved on with my life. The selection of publishers here is limited; this is reflective of the facts that my knowledge of minicomics publishers is woeful (do you have recommendations? Email me!) and that I tend to buy floppies rather than books. Furthermore, this list is in no particular order and is by no means comprehensive; it should not be held to have any other meaning outside of that of a to do list. Nothing will happen if I don't get to at least a few of them by the time 2014 is done, but I expect my life will be a little richer if I do manage to crack open a couple.