Actually, the A Stands for Awesome.

I knew it.

I knew Reborn was going to get better. It had to. Brubaker and Hitch are, to say the least, among the best in the business. I have no idea why the last issue of the mini was so damn mediocre, and I have no idea why the art was so unbelievably terrible, but Reborn #4 is a very significant improvement over what I saw last month.

The art, in particular, is a lot better. There's no Namor in this one, so I can't really compare anything to that horrifying image from last month, but the figure-work on the whole is about a thousand steps in the right direction. It still isn't perfect- there are a couple images of Steve that, for whatever reason, aren't quite right- but it is pretty good, and there are several Cap and Bucky in WWII pages that are just fantastic. The way the story is being told through the art, too, has improved immensely. Despite the fact the last issue was such a misstep, I'm glad to see it's not turning into a pattern: Brubaker's story really deserved better, and it certainly got it.

Now, as far as that story goes; it got better, too. Every piece of the puzzle is beginning to come together, and the final roles of each of our players is beginning to become clear (and, in some cases, they already have). Although Brubaker's scope had appeared too broad (and, by the way, I can't believe I was worried about that) he appears to have it well in hand and the story seems to be hurtling towards a conclusion that's going to rock parts of the Marvel Universe- or at least specific corners of it.

For the first time since the end of the first issue, I feel like Reborn is going to be a worthy conclusion to what came before. Hopefully, it's just going to continue to get better.

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