Meanwhile, at the Pull List of Clare!- 11/04/09

Hey all. So I'll actually be getting my books this weekend so expect a review from me in the next week! Maybe it'll be Batman, maybe it won't be. Maybe it'll be Superman! (It'll probably be Superman Origins #2).

This week's damage isn't that bad. An even split between the two big companies- three each, totaling six comics.

From Marvel this week we've got The Amazing Spider-Man #610. I've been enjoying the Ben Reilly story-arch so I'm expecting to like this one. Then we have Deadpool Team-Up #899. I really loved all the various Deadpool Team-ups in the last few issues of Cable/Deadpool, and this is written by Van Lente so I'm expecting a good time. Finally, wrapping up Marvel is Captain America: Reborn #4. Hopefully the art will be better this issue but I'm not holding my breath. Still, I love Brubaker so I've got to stick with it.

All the three DC books I'm getting this week I'm really looking forward to. First is Batman: Widening Gyre #3. I have been LOVING this mini-series. It's been fun and it's really great to see a Bruce Wayne Batman story. So, I'm excited to read this! Next is Superman: World of New Krypton #9. I've liked the New Krypton idea from the beginning and this has been my favorite book out of all the Supes books. Finally there is Doom Patrol #4. Now normally I'm not a Doom Patrol monthly girl. I've been thinking of picking up the series in trade. However, this is a Blackest Night tie-in which I'm looking forward to. Plus, this issue comes with a Sinestro Corps ring! Exciting!

Till next time, my darlings!

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