I think I've probably indicated in the past how much I simply adore Paul Pope. His Adam Strange strip in Wednesday Comics was consistently one of that book's highlights, and every other thing of his I've read, I've simply adored.

Now, it turns out, that he's drawing comics based on Dune for Dustin Harbin's Dune Book Club- and they are unbelievably fantastic.

I read Dune for the first time in middle school, and although it was one of my favorites then, I haven't really gotten a chance to tackle it since. These Pope illustrations, though, seem to capture the spirit of the work as I remember it- would it be too much to ask, Mr. Pope, for you to just sit down and adapt the whole thing? Please?

There are other fantastic illustrations up on Harbin's blog, and if you're into Dune it really is worth checking out the book club part- its convinced me to read the book again of winter break.

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