I want to love Captain America: Reborn #3.

I really do.

Most of you already know that I adore stories about Captain America, as I'm sure you also know that I adore Ed Brubaker, so, as I've said, I want to love Captain America Reborn #3. Except I can't.

Because the art is terrible.

Brubaker, as usual, is doing everything right- he has set up a good story, his characterization is excellent and, although his scope is abnormally large, it really does seem to work: with an event this big and this important, most of the Marvel Universe should be involved and, thankfully, Brubaker slims what could be a bloated monster down into a managable but approprately sprawling tale of being unstuck in time.

Bryan Hitch, however, seems to be mailing it in. I know he's capable of drawing Cap, because he's done it in the past, but here it just seems like nothing works. Everything, it just seems... wrong somehow. The Bucky in the panel above should look like a mess, because he's just been beaten up in the back of an airplane, but thats not why he looks like a mess up there- he looks like a mess because he was drawn t0o fast. This is a moment of victory and a moment of revenge, but Buck doesn't look victorious or vengeful- he looks like someone is about to hit him. And its just all wrong.

There are also too many horrifying images like this terrifying picture of Namor:

I don't know what it is about Hitch's figures here, but they're all terrible- there's an even worse one of Thor that I omitted because I love you.

Anyway. Reborn is good, but not great (but mostly because the art sucks) and it needs to get better, right quick, before what could have been a fantastic ending to a fantastic saga turns into a whole lot of nothing.

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  1. Heh, those are actually kind of funny they're so poorly drawn.