Jon's Looking Forward (a little behind) and Jon's just looking (9/30/2oo9)

(The standard "Amazing" and guest appearances:)
"the Amazing Spider-Man" #607
I'm not the first one to say it: Three times a month is too much.

"The Punisher" Annual #1
Well, Spider-Man going crazy was fun in the Mister Negative mini. Maybe we'll get a nice repeat of that or a repeat of the hilarious Punisher/Spider-Man team-up from a few years ago.

"Spider-Man: Clone Saga" #1 of 6
I gotta admit that as a child of the Eighties and Nineties who started reading Spider-Man, his favorite major continuing character, while the original 616 Clone Saga as it saw print was just starting? I gotta check this shit out.

(Hey there good-lookin':)
"Batman: Widening Gyre" #2
I loved the first issue of this fucking crazy series. Looking forward to getting my hands on this.

Well this looks interesting... Weird, but interesting.

So in bad local news:
I lost my job at the comic-book store last week. So I am now unemployed in the big city. For the second time. And my apologies for not having as much of a presence on this blog of late as a result.

So, if you know of any openings in any corner of the comic-book industry. Let a guy know!

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