Quote for the Week 5/19/11

"Also, my Daredevil won't look at you. He doesn't need to. As often as not, he'll be fighting while facing the "wrong" way, something that I think would be fairly disconcerting to an opponent. ... On one level, Matt's blindness is an act -- an interesting aspect of his personality by itself -- but on another level, he really should conduct himself differently than any other superhero. When I draw Spidey, I do my best to make sure he doesn't touch the ground; with Daredevil, I want him to always look like he's listening."
~ Paolo Rivera (@PaoloMRivera), in an exclusive interview with CBR about his upcoming Daredevil work for Marvel (@Marvel).

YES. If you're going to work with corporate characters instead of your own, damn if you can't have a lot of fun thinking about what makes them unique and then creating from that perspective.


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