New Life for Daredevil.

The new volume of "Daredevil" has been announced. And it looks like pretty damn impressive work.
Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera (@PaoloMRivera) will share the art duties (hopefully allowing Rivera to meet a monthly schedule) on scripts written by Mark Waid (@markwaid). They've come up with a very Sixties stylistic visual way to depict Matt Murdock's ability to smell, hear, and feel things with his heightened senses. [See above.]

[via Dean Haspiel's Facebook account! via exclusive interview]

Supremely talented comicsmith Dean Haspiel (@deanhaspiel) posted the link to CBR's exclusive interview with Waid and Rivera. Underneath he joked "I just quit comics."

I think that says a lot.

~ @JonGorga

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