Have No Fear, True Believers!

Please do not take the relative quietness of the blog as sign of our demise for we are hard at work creating new and intriguing posts for you, the Long and Shortbox Readers!

Some things coming up on the horizon for 2o1o...

Our personal best comics of 2oo9 lists!
Compendium lists of what The Long and Shorbox Of It! loved in 'o9. We have got a LOT of sifting through OUR shortboxes to do...

A retrospective on Spider-Man: Brand New Day, two years in!
The pros, the cons, the ret-cons! The blank-faced surreality of the strange 'New' experiment one of the most popular superhero characters in America has been set into for the past two calendar years.

An article on the evolution of comics coverage in national periodicals!
Where does comics criticism begin and comics reportage end? Is the language used to describe comics in the wider world evolving and is it helping or hurting?

The end of series wrap-up review of "Ex Machina" #50!
A final farewell post to Mayor Mitchell Hundred and Brian K. Vaughan's remarkable series about his former life as a superhero and current life as mayor of New York City.

And (probably) tag-team reviews of "Strange Tales" #3, "Daytripper" #1, and our first triple review of the "Sugarshock" one-shot!

Plus more pull-lists, news, and reviews of comics of all kinds!

So you have good reason to stick with us yet!

You don't want to miss the sale happening at St. Mark's Comics in the East Village right now. Every back issue $10 and under... is a buck. And all the ones over $10 are half off.

You can't beat that. You just can't.

The sale lasts until Tuesday, Jan 5th.

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