We Can Do Anything

Sorry about my relative silence on this blog as of late. Finals and then winter break hit me like a ton of bricks, but I got some good stuff cooking, so stay tuned.

I found something I wanted to share, though, so I figured this was an opportune moment to share it:

The reverberations are felt in Paris, where Jean-Pierre Dionnet is grinning and publishing METAL HURLANT, and Francois Roche is on the street outside, seventeen years old and thinking that he’d like to design buildings for a living and that this one in front of him is pretty nice but would be much more interesting as a vast rotting concrete stomach filled with robot antibodies, and Grant Morrison’s sitting outside the coffee shop down the road, a year older than Roche and a year away from getting published for the first time, head full of Jack Kirby comics, and Skylab swoops overhead, its Raymond Loewy-designed interior empty and abandoned but by God they did it, and David Bowie is singing, at the top of his lungs, “we can be Heroes.”

Which only means, quite simply, that we can do anything.

I love that last sentence. We can do anything. Thats what comic books are about doing anything. See what can be marvelous, and wonderful and fantastical about the world. The quote comes from Warren Ellis's Do Anything column over at bleedingcool and, well, I don't think I've heard a sentiment I like quite as much expressed in a very long time.

As we wander into the new year, remember: We can be heroes. We can do anything.

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