Gorga's Looking Forward to Wednesday 1/6/2o1o!

So, as 2o1o begins and I read my huge pile of unread comics from 2oo9 and re-read my almost equally huge number of bought and read comics of 2oo9 here's my quick first 'Looking Forward To...' post of the new year!

This week of the Wednesday, the sixth of January in the year two-thousand-and-ten we have:

The books...
"The Chill" (maybe)
The idea of a series of crime graphic novels from Vertigo, the 'HBO of comics', is really awesome, but the first two failed to really grab my loins, if you know what I mean...

"Town of Evening Calm Country of Cherry Blossoms" (maybe)
This looks beautiful.

"The Box Man" (maybe)
Well... that sounds crazy, right?

The weeklies...
"Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot" #1 (maybe)
The chances that this won't leave me feeling lukewarm are slim, but you never know!

"Cable" #22 (maybe)
The last issue wasn't bad. I took a chance on it. I like Hope as a character and I really enjoy the way she interacts with Cable. It's kind of a 'Lone Wolf and Cub'-thing, but it's also a kind of a 'Leon, The Professional'-thing.

"Siege" #1 (definitely)
It's a story that's been seeded as far back as "Secret Invasion" in 2oo8, if not "Avengers: Disassembled" waaaay back in 2oo3. And it's only a commitment of four issues. Why not buy it?

"Siege: Embedded" #1 (maybe)
Well, I don't know if this one will turn out to be one of the titles I'll regret not buying when the event is over and done with so I'll at least look at the damn thing.

Right now, you're thinkin' "Damn that's a lot of maybes." And you're right. What can I say? I'm doing sporadic file clerk work now for cripe's sake! And reading all the comics from 2oo9 I bought and DIDN'T read is making me think hard about the way I spend my money.

Check back and see who wins: the Gorga or the Wallet!

UPDATE: 1/10/2o1o

The Wallet doesn't pull its punches and achieves a knockout folks, he weaved left, he weaved right, he...
I didn't pick up anything this week.

"Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms" turned out to be 2 stories in one and left me confused as to its publishing history, which has left me burned a few too many times lately for me to pick it up and get disappointed that there was a cheaper, earlier version out there.

Quick Amazon.com research shows that there was indeed a cheaper paperback version published in 2007.

"The Box Man" looked like a damn mess of pop-surrealism. That's all I gots ta say about that.

The first issue of the new "Jackpot" mini looked like so much crap. So much rigamarole just to introduce the actual character of Jackpot and not someone pretending to be Jackpot, only to have her be someone who doesn't want to be Jackpot. And now the writers change their minds, have her change her mind and now she's Jackpot.

"Siege: Embedded" looks like something I wouldn't mind reading, but it's not a must read.

And "Siege" itself? Yeah, it's really good. But do I need it?
I read Clare's copy like a Moochie McMoocherstein.

Next week... I'll probably buy something.

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