Gorga's Looking Forward to Wednesday 12/23/2oo9

A few items of interest upon my LARGE pull-list for this week:

"the Amazing Spider-Man" #616 (definitely)
Continuation of "The Gauntlet", which I'm behind on.

"Incredible Hercules" #139 (probably)
Continuation of "Assault on New Olympus", which I'm behind on.

"New Avengers" #60 (definitely)
I'm behind on everything that's coming out this week...

"Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield?" one-shot (maybe)
Everyone's behind on this one because "Captain America Reborn" isn't over and they're giving us a story that takes place after its conclusion. Thanks Marvel!

"Fantastic Four" #574 (probably)
An adorable-sounding story of young Franklin Richards' birthday party with guest stars!

"Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man" #58 (maybe)
A nice-looking out-of-continuity Spidey story.

"WALL-E" #1 (maybe)
Who can resist this little guy? The silence-thing should work even better in sequential art than it did in animation. We'll find out.

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