Jon's Looking Forward to Wednesday 10/7/2oo9

From this week's comics, I'm planning on buying/looking at:

(Spider-Man, Spider-Man does whatever a spider can)
"the Amazing Spider-Man" #608
I'm really looking forward to this throw-back to the era in which I started reading comics: the Clone Saga!

"Strange Tales" #2 of 3
I'm sure Josh and I will be putting together another double-manned review of this fun title.

"Luke Cage Noir" #3 of 4
I've been very much enjoying this series. The first more than the second, but still. And I may break my "NO VARIANTS" rule a second time... They're both gorgeous! Which one to choose!?

(And, drum rolllll...)
"Planetary" #27
The final issue of a brilliant, brilliant series. This is the kind of comics that in the 26 issues published so far, I could count the things that were mishandled or that I didn't LIKE IMMENSELY on a single hand. Exciting.

(The odds and ends that might catch my fancy)
"Cowboy Ninja Viking" #1
This looks crazy! Could be crazy fun!

"Models, INC." #2
I got a kick out of the first issue. We'll see.

"Haunt" #1
This looks like a bit of a mess, but a very intriguing mess. It's co-written by Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman. If you're not a big comics reader and you aren't familiar with both or either of those names I don't think I can successfully communicate to you in this space how dramatically different these two writers' work is. This SOUNDS like a re-tread in several ways of McFarlane's "Spawn" series, but you never know.

I'm a pretty conservative comics reader, money-wise. So that's a pretty big week for me: 4 I'm definitely going to buy and 3 I'm thinking about buying.

UPDATE: 10/9/2oo9
See! Fucking huge! Okay, it's only four...

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