New Clothes Make "The Invincible Iron Man"

Oo! Oo!
Get a load of the new look of the covers of "the Invincible Iron Man" I found presented here.

Gorgeous? Yes. "like a book from the future”(Matt Fraction in interview)? Maybe.

The new look premiers with issue #20.

This and the cover of the second issue with this new look can be seen on Matt Fraction's website along with Fraction's quick comments.


  1. I think I've made me feelings towards Iron Man pretty well known in the past, so repeating them would be akin to beating a dead Captain America.

    Still, if anyone could make that old bucket of bolts interesting, I suspect Matt Fraction is the person to do it and, with its nice new suit, I think I'll try out The Invincible Iron Man for a few issues, starting with this one.

  2. I believe we both ended up joining the title with this issue and I don't believe either of us has regretted it!