Already Tired of Tuesday 10/13/09

Last week was a huge week for me, and it was a damn good one too. Between the start of the new Criminal mini and the end of Planetary, I would be hard pressed to find a week that was quite that good in the recent past.

This week, for the record, isn't looking too shabby either.

I think I'll start out with Incredible Hercules #136, where I'll get to watch Thorcules battle Hercuthor, in what is sure to be a delicious battle for the ages. Then I'll get my Brubaker fix with The Marvels Project #3, which threatens to blow the top off of a wonderfully slow burning series. I'll round into the third course, Uncanny X-Men #516, looking for some Magneto action and I'll finish up with Fables #89 for desert.

Then, I'll wash it all down with a Coke and call it a night.

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