Gorga's Looking Forward to Wednesday 10/28/2oo9

It's another light week for me as well. Clare is hardcore. But more money for food for me! yay!

The usual Spider-Man related item:
"the New Avengers" #58

And I do want to see how Tony Daniel handles writing and drawing "Batman":
"Batman" #692

And I gotta at least peek at:
"Superman: Secret Origin" #2 of 6

UPDATE: 10/28/2oo9
I wasn't sure I was going to make it, so I didn't mention it... but I did, so now I will!

(From left to right: the enthusiastic writer Dan Slott, the contemplative writer Chris Claremont, and the gentlemanly artist Neal Adams signing and sketching at Forbidden Planet in NYC.)

Forbidden Planet was having a small signing event as part of Marvel's strange little MarvelFest NYC 2009 party-type thing. This magical thing we call the Internet told me that current on and off writer of "the Amazing Spider-Man" Dan Slott, classic writer of "the Uncanny X-Men" and fellow graduate of my alma mater Chris Claremont, and epically old-school realistic artist Neal Adams were going to be there.

So I made my way south to Union Square to pick up my comics and talk with some awesome comics writers and one excellent artist today. I really had NO time to devote to what turned out to be, essentially, a really wonderful tiny (but FREE!) comics-CON. If something like this goes down again, I will try to be there. Despite the fact that I was rushed, despite the fact that quarters were cramped and despite the fact that all three of these gentlemen had been there a full HOUR before I showed up, they were each wonderful and generous with their time.

Seeing Slott and Claremont was very nice and relaxed because I'd met each of them previously, albeit very quickly, but I was absurdly jittery around Adams suddenly at the moment I got to talk to him. He is an immensely talented individual. I was actually very surprised that all three of them had the time to talk to me! I was just one fan of hundreds they had to see for the day.

(Oh my god. I completely forgot in all the rush and my usual gushing excitement for all things Spider-Man that Slott also co-writes "the Mighty Avengers"! The first two pages of the latest issue of that series are among my favorite that have seen print this year. Should have complemented him on that.)

Then I was even more happily surprised that they had no problem with me taking a quick photo. "Quick" being the operative word about that photo above. See Mr. Slott! Fastest writin' hand in the West!

So: funny story. All this wonderful camaraderie is happening and I finish talking with the bouncing ball of comics glee that is Dan Slott and take my phtoto and then I remembered that I had my job at the bakery to get to! And I hadn't picked up my comics! I rushed and grabbed a copy of "the New Avengers" #58 and bolted to the thankfully short cashier line. While in line I looked at my phone to discover that it was 6:01 PM. I was already a minute late! Long story short, I made it to work in fair time because it's inside Grand Central Station, 10 minutes from Union Square. No flack on my back. They are surprisingly chill there. Now if only they sold comics...

UPDATE: 10/29/2oo9
So after a second quick comic shop trip today (this time to a shop closer to my work, during my break) I have decided to remain steadfastly sitting on my one purchase for the week. So help me god.

Sure couldn't hurt that backlog of books that need reviewing...