Jon Gorga's Looking Forward to Wednesday 10/14/09

Well there ain't much for me this week, which is bloody comforting after the slew of comics I haven't finished reading let alone reviewing from last week!

I'll be off soon today to buy:

"Web of Spider-Man" (v2) #1
Writing by J.M. DeMatteis. Check. Spider-Man. Check. Clone Saga? Check. Cool.

"Batman" #691
Well, I'll probably buy this. (I got FOUR comics from last week to read and review, bub! Plus I'm unemployed! Give a guy a break!) I enjoyed #689 very much. We'll see if this issue is equally magical.

and I'm curious about:

"Blackbeard: The Legend of The Pyrate King" #1
Historical fiction in comics is a rare thing and this looks very good. Nothing else to say.
"Uncanny X-Men" #516
For essentially the same reason Josh is so excited about it: Magneto fully powered taking on the merry mutants for the first time since losing his powers in "House of M" and getting them back. Very cool. Written by Matt Fraction. Oh yeah he's amazing. I may have to buy this...

UPDATE: 10/15/09

I bought the "Batman" issue and the first issue of "Blackbeard". "Blackbeard" looks like quality visual historical fiction to me!

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