Tues... Wednesday Night pull-list! (9/2/2009)


I'm late with this but I planned to pick up:

"Strange Tales" #1 (which I actually bought)
"Luke Cage Noir" #2 (which I actually bought)
"Sweet Tooth" #1 (which I narrowly passed on)

Then I thought "I'm only buying two comics? Why not finally give a try to the Judd Winick/Mark Bagley Batman Reborn stuff Clare has spoken highly of!". So I bought "Batman" #690.

Tomorrow: A review of "Luke Cage Noir" #2! A MARVEL BOOK!

By the by, if you care, "Rex Mundi" #19 did not come out that week (8/19/09). It came out the next week. Mysteriously, the two long-awaited "Gargoyles" trade-paperbacks (Clan-Building Vol. 2 & "Bad Guys") DID come out on the 19th. Now for complicated and obnoxious reasons I will explain in my review, these trades have previously un-published material in them. A lot of it. Hence, a review for the "Gargoyles" trades is appropriate and a review of "Rex Mundi" would be superfluous. But as they are trades and have the equivalent of six or so weeks of comics in them, it will take me a while to absorb them to my satisfaction! Don't worry. Wait for it.

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