Already Tired of Tuesday

Big week this week-
Agents of Atlas #10, Immortal Weapons #2, Incognito #6, Strange Tales #1, and the Torch #1 from Marvel, Wednesday Comics #9 from DC, Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth from Vertigo, and Witchfinder #3 from Dark Horse.

I'm particularly excited for the first issues of both Strange Tales and Sweet Tooth the last issue of Incognito: the latter I know to be a work of genius and the first features a Spider-Man comic drawn by my favorite indie-cartoonist, the fantastic Norwegian Jason. The middle one is the new Vertigo ongoing by my second favorite indie-cartoonist and author of the unbelievably brilliant Essex County trilogy and I can hardly contain my excitement.

I'm a little worried about the Torch, because I love the original Human Torch, but have an immense dislike for anything that Alex Ross touches. Hopefully this will be good enough to do a fantastic character justice- if it isn't, I only have to wait a couple of weeks for the next issue of the Marvels Project.

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