Second Week- Jon's Pull List for 8/19/09

From my regular pull-list:

"the Amazing Spider-Man" #603
Mary Jane kicking the Chameleon's ass again? Sounds good to me.

NOTE: I think I am going to be doing the reviewing for this title since Josh is not. But to do so I need to catch up! Hopefully, this week it will happen.

"Dark Reign: Mister Negative" #3 of 3
I enjoyed the first two issues of this mini-series. What can I say? Spider-Man getting mentally warped into an evil mother-fucker and getting involved in Chinatown violence. Great idea, right? Let's see if Fred Van Lente can carry this out on a high note!

Feelin' curious about:

"Ex Machina" #44
Although I haven't been following this title closely since the beginning of the arc involving the Pope (which must have been about a year ago) I am very interested to see if there are some answers to be found about the origins of New York City Mayor Mitchell Hundred's super-powers. They are among the most interesting elements of this series.

I'm also going to take a ridiculous chance. I'm going to see what sense I can make of the final issue of "Rex Mundi".

I am going to buy and review "Rex Mundi" #19 after only having read issue #1. I LIVE TO SERVE YOU. Wish me luck.

...and that's it? The rest of the bunch doesn't seem to interest me too much. We'll see if something jumps out at me on the stands or if one of the others convinces me otherwise!

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