Cheap Week- Pull List 08/19/09

Daredevil #500
-Ed Brubaker ending his run on one of Marvel's best, if least often seen, titles? What happens now? How is Andy Diggle going to ruin Matt's life when Ed is gone? Is the next artist going to be as good as Michael Lark? Why the hell isn't it David Aja? What does Lady Bullseye have to do with all of this? Does Foggy Nelson survive? Does anyone survive?

I'm excited. Can you tell?

X-Men Legacy #227
-Rogue, Gambit, and the sentient Danger Room are in San Fran, and the solicit promises a "dramatic new direction"

One wonders how many "dramatic new directions" this title is going to take before something finally sticks. This book is odd like that; every so often something fantastic happens inside here that gets ignored or undone by the next guy, or even by the same guy. Using this book as a Professor X solo title was one of those things.

Let's hope this is good enough to stick, because it wasn't the last time Cyclops asked Rogue to do something.

Wednesday Comics #7
-Everybody (everybody who isn't Jon, anyway) is buying this title.

It's a cheap week- I'm going to have a wander around my store and see if there's anything I missed, or anything else I want to review.

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