Meanwhile, at the Pull List of Clare!

Jeez, I look like such an expensive high roller type next to these guys I run this blog with. But hey instead of the sixteen books I picked up last week, 9 doesn't look so bad. (and yes, I picked up 16, not 15. Superman Secret Files actually had Codename: Patriot story.

But hey, more comics for me equals more happiness in my life, even if it means a little less money in my pocket.

Clare is purchasing...

Amazing Spider-Man #603

I've always gone back and forth with this title but I've started really enjoying it since the American Son story arch and Mary Jane has always been my favorite Spider-Man character. What can I say? I like red-heads just as much as Peter. Plus, #602 was REALLY good so bring it on!

Despite what Josh says, this book is amazing. Unlike Morrison, Dini does not, you know, ignore all of the character history and the other events that have happened lately in the Bat-verse. All of that matters and Dini does a really nice job of tying it all together and putting a nice bow on it. I could go on about this but I won't (instead, I'll go into it on my post tomorrow where I'll rank the bat books.

James Robinson is writing it. James Robinson has been doing an amazing job on the Superman stuff lately (Superman Mon-El and Superman: World of New Krypton), just like Tomasi was doing great stuff on Nightwing. Tomasi's Batman/Blackest Night was awesome so I see no reason that Superman/Blackest Night shouldn't be the same.

I was very sad when Bendis went off this book, and then I started reading the Dan Slott stuff and I was a lot less sad. Slott is making Pym interesting and less of a total jackass. Plus, Jarvis. Plus, Stature. Plus, this current story arch involving the Inhumans seems really cool. I always want to like the Inhumans but they never feel just right.

This is the one Supes title that I do not usually get because Kara has never really held much interest to me. However, it is part 3 of Codename: Patriot and I loved the first two parts. I hate missing parts of stories.

Okay, this is honestly what I'm looking forward to the most out of all my books for the week. I love this book. This book is perfect. This book is everything good about all ages comics. Fun, light-hearted stories that little kids will just eat right up that just happen to be chock full of easter eggs that will have you geekgasming till next month. There has never been an issue that has not left a huge grin on my face.

Because Josh and I are cooler than Jon and we get this book.
I'll be honest though, I haven't read this weeks yet. Though I always look forward to Amanda Conner's Supergirl! Teehee!

Despite not always staying constant I have always really enjoyed Mike Carey's work. Plus, he is lovely man who truly cares about this book (he and I had a nice, long chat about it at NY Comic-Con) and I'm a Rogue/Gambit fangirl. So yeah, this book has been a nice big win.

That's all for me. See you tomorrow. Will I tear Grant Morrison a new one? Come find out!


  1. You and I, madam, may have to have at over Batman and Robin.

    I sense dueling reviews coming on!

  2. I can't say for sure yet, but I think I'm going to pick up streets of Gotham next time I hit up my store.
    And I love Batman and Robin.
    LOVE it.

  3. It's not bad. It's just not great in my opinion. I'm in the middle of a post about the bat books. I really don't think it honors Dick as a character or his character history at all. It's just Dick made up to look like Bruce. On the Batman title that Winick and Bagley are doing, Dick still feels (and looks) like Dick Grayson, just in a Nightwing suit.

    More of this soon.