Chatter: Kieron Gillen

Ever since our work on Phonogram, Jamie have strove [sic] to make our comics – for want of a better phrase – slash-fic-able. If you’re working in certain heroic fantasy genres, that’s part of the emotional churn. And that part is what loses the sort of person who thinks by Jamie redesigning Ms. Marvel’s costume he’s destroying the “sex-cake.” 
(Oh man. Someone really did say Jamie had removed the icing from the sex-cake. Sometimes all you can do is blink when doing this gig. Blink so hard you hope your eyes open on some kind of better world. I digress.)
-Kieron Gillen, digressing from his introduction of Noh-Varr, the first in a series of such posts that he's doing leading up to the release of Young Avengers #1, which hits two weeks from today.

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