Chatter: Dan Slott 1/10/2o13

Dan Slott's interview with The Village Voice makes the cover!
In speakng about his recently released intense turn of events for poor, beleagured Peter Parker in "the Amazing Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott said wonderful things during his interview in The Village Voice. Here's my second favorite excerpt:

"We're a crazy medium where people put on skintight costumes, climb up walls, fly, and shoot things out of their eyes," Slott says. "If there's any part of you that goes, 'You can't do a brain swap!' then you should go read Great Expectations." He rattles off a list of other fantastic story lines from his run on Amazing: "If you say, 'You can't give everyone in Manhattan superpowers!' or 'You can't create a doorway that takes you 24 hours into a future where Manhattan is destroyed!' remember, this is the Marvel Universe. We have mutant children raised by talking cows. We have teleporting dogs. It's fun."

And it's all true.

P.S. ~ Did you get a load of the issue's awesome cover? [See it up top?] Even more importantly, do you appreciate that the current Spider-Man comic-book storyline and the Spider-Man fanbase's reaction is the subject of the cover story for The Village Voice? It's not about the movies (hardly, anyway) or about the Broadway musical (not really, anyway) or about the rumors surrounding the lovelife of an actor palying Spidey, it is an interview with Slott about his current and ongoing work with the original main 616 Peter Parker character. In other words, it's about SEQUENTIAL ART. Genre fiction sequential art no less.

P.P.S. ~ My favorite excerpt of writing from this interview is more just a great joke about fandoms in general. "Game of Thrones" die-hards are apparently a little crazy.

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