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Really Marvel? Really? Now, you all know me. I'm not usually bothered by women in comics. I'm not interested on getting up on my soapbox and shouting about how mainstream comics are completely sexist and should be burned. It's an issue sometimes, I'm not going to lie about it. Fridging for example. Marvel's reputation for how they treat female creators. Even the "Girl Comics" made me a little uncomfortable. Why do the female creators have to be penned off? Look at us! We like women! Really we do! But honestly, it wasn't that bad and it had an awesome Amanda Conner cover so no big.

Now, Marvel, gives us "Her-oes." It sounds like a fucking cereal. Look, Marvel. I like all-female teams. I like alternate universe stories. I like seeing girls kicking butt. You know what I don't like? STUPID TITLES RIFFING ON THE FEMININE PRONOUN! I've heard around the internets that the book is actually pretty cool. Still, I don't think I can get past the title that sounds like a cereal where instead of grains you get pieces of ladies.

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