FCBD 2010!

Hey, hey, hey! Check it out!

Cool, huh?

In case you didn't know (and in case you didn't read my last post below on Digital Comics in which I mentioned this)...

This morning is the first Saturday of May, which means it is Free Comic Book Day 2010!

Free Comic Book Day is an annual unofficial international holiday held since 2oo2 to promote the comic-book industry and print comic-books in particular.

It's celebrated every year by the release of comic-books from the major and minor publishers specifically to be distributed for FREE in comics specialty shops!!

Yes, everyone wants to go see "Iron Man 2". In some ways comics as a medium is doing awesome right now, but... in the ways that really count for the assurance of the longevity of this artform? Not so great. Denny O'Neil (long-time editor of the Batman family of comic-books) said at a recent Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art class that the larger comic-book publishers are becoming mere R&D departments for the company's more lucrative film divisions.

Here's hoping that doesn't become the be all and end all of this industry. Support your local comic shops!

Check out the site they maintain every year at: www.FreeComicBookDay.com!

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