Welcome Back, Barry!

So, like many people, I have been a little uneasy with Barry Allen's resurrection. Barry's death was important. He was a hero. This is the man who even Superman looks to as an example for what a hero is. Also, his death lasted over 20 years! Big deal.

However, in Blackest Night I just full-heartedly adore him. He is such an interesting character, and he is extremely inspiring. In Blackest Night #4 he says to The Atom and Mera (Aquaman's widow): "We need to run in, take charge and kick ass like we were born to. And Ray? Mera? We were born to."

That's on my list of "What it Means to Be a Hero" quotes.

Now, DC's Blog The Source has solicited a new Flash ongoing, staring Barry Allen, written by Geoff Johns. Oh but it gets better, Johns is joined by the fantastic Francis Manapul! If you were reading Adventure Comics then you know just how amazing this combination can be. Let's take a look shall we?

Wow. Just wow. All I can say is that I can't wait for April 14th to come around! I know that I'll be picking up Flash #1 that day!

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