Online Videos That Profile Local Comic Shops!

I thought I was making some slow plodding headway in going to different comic-book stores in the area and mentioning them on the blog, giving those of our readers in the New York City area a vision of what they were missing by not going out and discovering their local comic shops.

But check out the recently started "Comics Round the Corner" video series, available from NEW-GEN (APNG ENTERPRISES) on!!

These guys have done a damn good job of interviewing the workers (and sometimes even the customers) of quality New York City metro-area comic-book retailers.

+ This past month of February they presented Jim Hanley's Universe Manhattan, right in the heart of NYC.
At the end of 2oo9, they did three:
+ Fortress of Solitude in Newark, NJ in late December.
+ In mid-December: Clockwork Comics in Union, NJ.
+ The first one appeared in early December and featured Wild Pig Comics II Kenilworth, NJ.

Hopefully more installments on more stores are yet to come.

I say you should watch these if you're even a bit curious as the host, Andrew McDonald, is an excited and entertaining guy and the question: "Where can I learn about/find comic-books without feeling uncomfortable?" has never been better answered to my eye.

In fact, some of NEW-GEN's other video and audio podcasts on comics are awesome as well.

It seems that these guys were not the only people to think of this. Heading to and searching for "comic shops" brings up mostly junk, but a few interesting results, including this video profiling Cosmic Comics in Manhattan and this one on Forbidden Planet, also in Manhattan.

Best results would probably come from utilizing Diamond Distributor's, which allows you to search for all direct market shops in the US that receive new comics from Diamond by punching in a zip code. THEN, go and put the names that come up into YouTube's search field one by one, and see what happens.

Support your local comic-book stores!

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