A Little Discovery

Over at Gorga's Thoughts, you can see my first post in quite some time about a fascinating company I just discovered called Muji.

Perusal of their US online store for research brought me to this cool product:

Recycled Paper Thumbnail Sketch Note

It's a notebook for $1.50 made of recycled paper with thumbnails already laid-out for you. I think this might be my new favorite comiking tool.

It comes in notebooks of 88 pages. The industry standard for a printed comic-book is 32 pages. 10 pages of that is ads. 32-10=22.

Now 22*4=88. That means you'd have enough pages to plot out 4 comic-books or an 88 page graphic novella with this thing. Of course, that's if you don't make some mistakes and scrap some pages. Practically, for drafting a story, you would probably use one whole notebook on two 22-page comics. You could draw lines with a straight edge to indicate smaller panels or draw a box within a box for an inset panel. Splashes and double-splashes would require some weird finessing I guess...

However, if used really, really carefully and rigidly this product could even be used to produce a simple self-published graphic novella.

If nothing else, it would be a great tool for doodling and stretching your mind to think in terms of visual storytelling on a page.

I wonder if they sell them in the flagship store in The New York Times Building?