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"it's not [round ears]'s fault" from DRAFTFCB

I had a wonderful experience walking the streets of Manhattan recently. On my way to St. Mark's Comics (can't remember if it was a new-comics-Wednesday or not) I saw this poster at a bus-stop on Third Avenue:

So I took a photo of it. Because it's a comic.

The poster is one of a series of three to promote They themselves are just part of a campaign, enitirely designed by multi-faceted cutting-edge ad agncy DRAFTFCB.

Here's the original images directly from the agency's website of this comic as well as the two that compliment it:

"it's not [round ears]'s fault"

"it's not [floppy ears]'s fault"

"it's not [sharp ears]'s fault"

I had actually seen this last one before, but found it so immediately funny that its nature as sequential art escaped me. I like the IDEA so much I didn't notice it was a comic! In retrospect, that's pretty crazy because as you can see there's quite a few self-conscious comic-strip elements such as the title of the comic followed by an author's name just like it would be in your local newspaper's comics section. The art-style actually has a very cartoonish Japanese look to it. Like "Crayon Shin-chan".

I love these posters because they're damn effective. They do what ads should do: They stop you and make you think. They send a clear message and they do it in the medium of comics!

Plus, in this case, they send such an important message! Millions of former pets across America deserve better. This ad campaign has almost single-handedly turned the perception of pet shelters around, for me at least. Clare and I are going to get a pet at some point (this is apparently non-negotiable) and I can't imagine not going to a shelter.

Comics are all around us, if we choose to look!

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