Gorga's Looking Forward to Wednesday 2/10/2o1o!

At the time of this writing I still haven't picked up all the issues from last week I intend to, and I am still reading the comics from 2oo9 for my Year-End review post, and I don't really have money for buying comics, but here I am doing another Looking Forward To... post anyway.

"Spider-Man & the Secret Wars" #3 is the book I was most looking forward to this week. The first issue fits in quite well with the events as originally related in the "Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars" mini-series from 1984. It is pretty light fare, but nearly unique in that it adds material to a really strange and quickly done with moment of Marvel Universe history.

This third issues embellishes the story of the acquisition of the symbiotic Spider-Man costume which was originally seen in "Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars" #8 and had far-reaching consequences that could never have been foreseen by Jim Shooter at the time! So we now get a version of the story with embellishments that connect it with the stories that take place later. Will this 'untold tales series' become canon? That is up to the fans and the scholars, i.e. to all of us!

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