You know what I'm excited for?

I'm excited for Paul Dini's brand-spanking-new ongoing series: ZATANNA.

That's right, kids. You heard me. The other half of the fishnet brigade (the first half being Canary, of course) is going to be making my life better on a monthly basis. Now of course it makes complete sense that Dini is writing her, he's always had a soft spot for her ever since he was writing her in Batman: The Animated Series. I mean, he even married a woman like Zatanna: Misty Lee, black haired, gorgeous magician and illusionist. Also, like Zatanna, she's stupidly hot. And who said nerds never got the babe?

But regardless, since Dini wrote that incredible Zatanna arc in Detective Comics two years ago I have been praying that she would be given an ongoing. Now, for a few years now there have been whisperings on the world wide web that Dini has been working on a Black Canary/Zatanna graphic novel with the lovely Amanda Conner (something I still dream about, by the way). When I saw that Dini was writing this I was hoping Conner would be doing the art, but no. Sigh... oh wait! The artist is Stephane Roux! Usually a cover artist, Roux will be doing the interiors for Zatanna. Let's check some out, shall we?

Excuse me for a moment, I have to clean up the drool. Man, one word and one word only: Va-va-va-VOOM!

I cannot wait till this hits the shevles

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  1. Well, I just read the article you linked-to and I'm actually getting excited myself! It's not going to be a mini or a 'corner of the universe by itself' book.

    I've never been a HUGE Zatanna fan, but this series looks excellent!