Wednesdays New Things: Iron Man, Once A Year

1) Undertow just seems like a good comic. I don't know either writer Steve Orlando or artist Artyom Trakhanov, but there's something about the preview that just pulls me in. Steampunk adventure at sea? What could be bad? Except the white lettering, which is hopefully going to be clearer/changed in print. 

2) I'll probably trade wait this one, just because it's a mini, but the premise is Winter Soldier-as-gangster, which is at least nominally intriguing. Also the art is great; think Chris Bachalo working in black and white. 

3) Marvel's Iron Man Annual #1 (I remember buying an Iron Man Annual #1 in 2010, but its time I accept that comic book numbering is meaningless instead of letting it drive me crazy) is a weird, weird comic book. It costs five dollars, and its an epilogue to one of the Marvel Infinity Digital comics. It is written by Kieron Gillen, but it doesn't seem to be connected to the mainline Iron Man book at all, except, of course, that the solicitation is very vague. Who knows? Could be relevant. I don't think I have a fiver that cares, though. Similarly, who is this new New Warriors series for?

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