A New Defender: Jamie McKelvie

iFanboy has the second best news involving Matt Fraction that I've read all day:
Today at C2E2 in Chicago, Marvel announced at the Next Big Thing panel that fan favorite artist Jamie McKelvie would be joining Fraction with The Defenders #8 as the regular artist.
 They also have a page:

Isn't that pretty? As sad as I am to see Terry and Rachel Dodson go, I think its awesome that McKelvie gets a monthly gig, and on one of the the most exciting books that Marvel is publishing right now, as opposed to some backwater, like New Mutants or something. The only downside, as near as I can tell, is that it won't be nearly as easy to talk to him at conventions anymore; he and Gillen are regularly my favorite artist's alley conversations and, two years in a row now, I've walked right up to him without having to wait in line, had a quick chat, and bought something from his table. It's hard to be too upset about that loss, though: if you love a comic book artist, you should set them free, right?

Good on Marvel for this one; good for McKelvie, too.

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