Quote for the Week 2/26/12

At the end of the day I have my own, very harsh, often narrow opinions about what makes good or bad work. But I won't draw a line in the sand and say that comics I don't like, done under conditions I don't approve of, are the root of all our problems. I'm not suggesting that anyone endorse Marvel or DC if they don't approve of their methods. The rights of Gary Friedrich or Jack Kirby are separate issues. I'm saying that it is not only possible but it is important to support our fellow artists in their attempts to make a living or contribute to comics culture without making blanket accusations as to their moral intent. Whats worse is that when we do so, we risk endorsing the type of behavior we fear from Marvel or DC. If we want change, all we can do is lead by example and I think the first example we need to set is that we don't eat our own.
 Jason Latour, at the end of a post on creator's rights that you should really go read.

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