Quote for the Week 9/1/11

"...sixty years of story-lines that make the characters feel old sometimes. ... Let's just take Wonder Woman as an example-who's one of my favorite characters-just because she has been around so long, she feels old even if she's not written old.
And they've taken the classic characters that everybody's familiar with and loves and they've fit 'em into a modern time ... and so now we have the chance to have a whole new generation be able to love these characters like we did. And some of this stuff, if we don't change it, it starts to look silly after a while.
Even though, I will honestly miss some things that I love."
~ Gail Simone (@GailSimone), in an interview with John Siuntres on his Word Balloon podcast (July 19th, 2o11 episode) [I always enjoy Word Balloon (@johnwordballoon).], speaking about the DC Comics (@DC_NATION) re-launch beginning this week, among which will be Simone's new "Batgirl" series.

I've never seen anyone put so on-point the feeling of these character's legacies affecting the feel of the stories.


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