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Hurricane Irene is supposedly slamming into New York City this weekend. My friend and comicsmith Ellen Stedfeld (@Ellesaur) wrote this on my Facebook wall last night:
Ellen Stedfeld
No, I think God sent a hurricane to get us reading more great comics :)
20 hours ago ·
I agree. In fact, I was already planning on doing a 24-hour cycle [-cough- let's make that five weeks -cough-] of reading only DC Comics with all this free time.

And so I'm sitting around my home in Astoria, wearing Batman pajamas and reading sixty years worth of comics as fast as I can.

+ First, I'm reading the stuff that's not a part of the main continuity: the Elseworlds stuff.

+ Then, I'm going to read a bit of the stuff that's all about the past: the Western stuff.

+ Next, I'll jump into the main continuity's origins: the Year One stuff.

+ And finish by moving through the decades: Silver Age, Bronze Age, up to present events.

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