Two bits of Fraction-related news:

1. There's a preview of the new Casanova series (words by Fraction, art by Ba) over at ComicsAlliance; go and check it out, hopefully you think it's as exciting as I do. (One day, I'm going to complete my collection of the original two series, and then I'm going to read the whole damn thing through. Maybe I'll just buy the collections of the reprinted and recolored editions in the meantime).

2.Ok, this is only vaguely Fraction related but, via BleedingCool, I hope Rich is right and that this is a new Iron Fist series; there are only three characters that I would say that I have gone to the dark side for, and one of those is Danny Rand. It would be even better if Fraction or Brubaker were writing it, but I'm not getting my hopes up about that.

Well, here's hoping anyway.

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