Sometimes, I Think Con Isn't Worth It...

... because they aren't really my thing, I think. There are just too many people, and most of them are there for different reasons than I am. This is not to say my reasons are any more legitimate than theirs- different, perhaps, more academic, certainly, but not better or worse- just that the crush of people cosplaying and shouting and cutting in line to get an autograph isn't really my thing. I'm in for conversation, to talk to people who love the form (as opposed to the characters) as much as I do, and whether those people are creators or fans is irrelevant.

Sometimes, though, even I have my fanboy moments. Like this one:
Just so we're clear, that's me and Joe Simon. That's the man WHO CREATED CAPTAIN AMERICA, with his arm around my shoulder.

I'll have a post (or maybe I'll turn it into an essay- I'm not sure yet) about why the experience of meeting him was a little disheartening, but for now- I'm just basking in the glory of this picture. This man is a legend, one who isn't going to be around a lot longer. And I thanked him, and I shook his hand, and that experience is worth more than all the autographs in the Javits Center.

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  1. I had a really similar experience the day after the con meeting Jerry Robinson, the creator of The Joker (and more than half of the other Batman characters).

    I suspect it was on the brain, Josh, because you had described meeting Simon and the emptiness around the table to me earlier the same day.