The Long and Shortbox Of It Reads Comics in Public!

A few days ago, the 28th of August, was the anniversary of Jack Kirby's birthday. The 'King of Comics' would have turned ninety-three this year. And unfortunately, he still wouldn't be getting his due respect.

(Check out this first part of a great two part video documentary if you're not familiar with his work.)

In fact, STILL today lots of creators, publishers, editors, readers, and commentators such as us don't get the basic courtesy of being treated like everybody else. We can still get funny looks when we read 'picture books' in the public sphere.

Brian Heater, blogger with The Daily Cross Hatch, decided to make something out of the occasion and his own lingering feelings of embarrassment among the masses around the medium he enjoys and writes about. So he has started an unofficial holiday, to be held every year on the anniversary of Jack Kirby's birth, making comics comfortable and common in public spaces, out of the closet and in the light of day!

And The Long and Shortbox Of It! participated in International Reading Comics in Public Day! Yes we did.

Me, reading Tintin:
Me, reading comics in public.

Clare, reading Daredevil:
Clare, reading comics in public

And here's a MOVING picture!

The Reading Comics in Public Day site can be found here!
And their Facebook page is here!

I'm looking forward to next year.

~ @JonGorga

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