Heroes for Hire!

Not only are we going to see a new Power Man and Iron Fist mini from Fred Van Lente come December, but we're also going to see a Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning penned Heroes for Hire ongoing, featuring Iron Fist as well as Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Elektra, The Punisher, Falcon, Misty Knight and Paladin (although the last three are missing from this preview image). All in all December is going to be a good month for Danny Rand, who is (have I mentioned?) one of my favorite comics characters.

For the record, I disagree with FVL that the Frubraker mythology from The Immortal Iron Fist has dried up. I think there are all sort of stories to tell using those ideas and those characters. With that said, though, I'm glad to see Iron Fist at all and in the hands of writers as talented as Fred and DnA. Those Immortal Iron Fist stories are great not only because of those ideas but also because, when written well, Iron Fist is a very, very strong character and I trust that both FVL and DnA have the task well in, uh, fist.

To say that I'm looking forward to this, which could ultimately amount to what I expected of the new New Avengers, is a little bit of an understatement.

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  1. I'll give this a crack, due to the excellent writers, but it's about 80 per cent filled with characters who either bore or appal me. Darn.

    Give Danny his proper costume back, mind, and I'm in for good. Shallow, I know.