There Can Only Be One...

For the most part, I'm going to let our resident Spider-Fan handle this one, but I wanted to put in my own two cents about the following quote from Spider-Editor Stephen Wacker (via Robot 6, who pulled it out of a longer interview with Wacker from last week):
"For the couple of months coming out of "One Moment in Time," we're going to be bringing a lot of threads of Peter's life that we've been developing since we started working on the book into one big story, 'Origin of the Species.' It sort of gives Pete a moment to assess all the stuff that's happened to him for the last 100 or so issues. Beyond that, we've already started talking about the fact that it might be time for a new, or at least better, Spider-Man. I feel like we've done as much as we can do in terms of Peter Parker's time as Spider-Man."
The only thing I've got to add is the following: haven't we been down this road before? And how did that turn out?

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  1. Well... I ain't against it on principle. I actually started reading Spider-Man back in 1994 at the start of the 'Clone Saga' and I liked it because I liked having two Spider-MEN around for a bit and I liked the character of Ben Reilly, Peter Parker's clone.

    That said, the story is almost universally considered an artistic failure and Peter Parker was eventually re-instated in the uniform, Ben Reilly was killed and he has only rarely been heard of, let alone seen, since.

    So trying almost the same damn thing all over again? Kind of ridiculous.

    I've resisted writing a Spider-Man-focused editorial for the entire time we've had this blog, mainly because everyone I know will roll their eyes and say: 'Surprise surprise, now he's talking about Spider-Man again. This is why you shouldn't take him seriously, all he knows is Spider-Man,' but I'm beginning to really feel the itch.