SDCC Was...

...well, a little disappointing, to be honest.

While a lot of this is really cool, it's also run of the mill sort of stuff. Nothing explosive happened at SDCC, no announcements that were truly mind-bending. There weren't even that many announcements, all things considered. Are there no more exciting announcements, in a world where the Internet is basically just a huge rumor mill? Or are the companies sitting on something big for NYCC, which is an actual comics event?

We'll just have to wait until October to find out.

LATE EDIT: In retrospect, this post is perhaps a little cynical. After all, it can't be every year that Marvel buys Marvelman and promptly does nothing of note with the property.


  1. I feel like the Dynamite Alex Ross/Kurt Busiek/Jack Kirby project was more newsworthy than all of these put together.

  2. As someone who isn't a really big fan of Ross or non-Marvel/DC Kirby characters it's not huge on my radar either. Do I gather you're a big fan of Alex Ross, Kurt Busiek, Kirby's characters or all three Duy [writer of excellent blog The Comics Cube!]?

    Josh did miss a few items here, which is why I'm planning my own late-after-the-con news round-up!

  3. It's not so much being a fan of Ross or Busiek or Kirby's characters, so much as being incredibly intrigued by the combination of the three. None of these on their own would be enough for me to buy a product, but the combination has me intrigued; I'm only now waiting for announcement of the interior artist to see if it goes from "intrigued" to "I must have this."

    Thanks for the compliment!

  4. My last minute news round-up has been posted.

    Although I gave it mention, the more I look into the "Kirby: Genesis" project the less I like what I see...